Cinderella Man is based on the real life story of James J. Braddock. He was a boxer in the 1930s that many Americans who were suffering from the effects of the Great Depression admired. The movie is set in New York in the 1930s and shows his rise and fall and rise back up in the boxing world.

He is a crowd favorite until he begins a losing streak because of a weakening hand that has been broken three times. Braddock and his family are also affected heavily by the Great Depression just like everyone else.  He loses his savings and investments and has very little to no money left to support his family. Braddock is no longer seemed fit to fight and must find work elsewhere. He becomes just another man looking for work to feed his family. The movie illustrates his hardships and the ups and downs he endured. It shows how boxing was not who Braddock was, but rather something Braddock did to support his family.


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Cinderella Man

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